About Us

DANA COVEY is the proud mother of Rachel and Evan. After a career in public relations, she currently works as a freelance writer and publicist. She spent many years performing with improv and sketch comedy groups in NYC and continues to do professional voice-over work. She studied Theatre Arts and Communications at the University of Pennsylvania. 

ERIKA RADIN is the proud mother of Joshua and Annie. She has a Master's degree in Educational Theatre from NYU and has been a drama teacher and director for 20 years.  Currently she is a drama teacher in Westchester.  In addition, she performs with a local rock band, The Del Bocas, in Scarsdale, NY. 

AMY MANDELBAUM is the proud mother of Julia and Sam.  She worked as a broadcast producer for several years and is now an internationally ranked CrossFit Masters Competitor and CrossFit coach.  

ELLEN COHEN  is the proud mother of Ben and Noah.  After a 15-year career in non-profit development, she became a full-time mom and now does part-time consulting for the N.J. Symphony Orchestra and volunteers at the Ethical Culture Fieldston school.  Ellen performed extensively in musical theater throughout high school and college. She joined Moms the Word in 2009 as an understudy.